Wednesday, 27 February 2013

wednesday woes

mood :: thoughtful
colour :: grey
smell :: coffee
to be drunk in a bit...
seeing :: the wind playing with bare branches
of trees in the garden
~ where is spring?!
hearing :: nothing
but the whirring of my laptop
wishing :: that the sun would come out
& a whirlwind romance...
{surely not much to ask for...}
book :: lotr - the fellowship of the ring
yep, still not much farther in
the hobbits are now in the Prancing Pony...
loving it though!
film :: anna karenina
wonderful film to see in the cinema
a rare treat...
especially as both Aaron Johnson 
and Matthew Macfadyen
were in it...
tv :: champion's league football
for some weird reason, watching football on telly
is for me much the same as eating chocolate, 
or having a warm blanket on a cold day...
it reminds me of happy times, 
easier times, 
even though the whole thing is preverted 
by {hideous amounts of} money
probably talked about this one already
lovely pictures

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